Dear Kannappan,

I do not think if any code was moved, however please let me know how can i check if there is any peoplecode with switch user enabled in Production



Thanks for posting your follow-up question!

Check the Pre/PostBuild events on the component to verify existence of the call to SwitchUser. Also, check for existence in RowInit events.

Alternatively, you can use the search Edit – Find In option to search for this function within PeopleCode.

This Means that just applying MP6-ML and selecting ENG,GER,FRA and COMMON will solve my purpose.I need to go and apply English update id seperately.Am i correct?

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Thanks for posting your follow-up question!

Applying MP6-ML and selecting ENG, FRA, GER and Common will suffice if this covers all the languages you have installed. You need not apply MP6 for ENG separately.

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June 19th, 2008

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