Continuing from my previous post, here are the steps to load the upg.sqc data relevant for our manipulation into the Oracle database.

1. Create record HX_COMP_TBL in App Designer as shown below.


2. Build/create the table
3. Add it to Query Security if you need to access it using PeopleSoft Query Manager.
4. Create Download upg_sqc.txt file
5. Create SQL*Loader control file as shown below.
load data
infile ‘/export/home/npai/psprojectitem/upg_sqc.txt’
into table PS_HX_CMP_TBL
fields terminated by ” ” optionally enclosed by ‘”‘
6. Execute sqlldr command to load the file
sqlldr sysadm/sysadm@ftest control=sqlld.ctl
7. Use it in query through Query Manager or SQLPLUS


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August 13th, 2007

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