In response to Charles’ comments (shown below), I thought it will be nice to respond with a post which provides detailed instruction.

In your example for PSAUTHITEM, does the trigger gets stored as part of the tools? In other words, if I run security export from this instance to another one, will the trigger get migrated too or should I run the create trigger SQL in the target system?”

Here are the steps.

1. When you generate the trigger SQL (step 6 in my previous post), modify the SQL (as shown in step 7 in previous post) and click on the Save button as shown belowaudittriggers1

2. This will create an entry in PSTRIGGERDEFN


Now, every time you copy/retain security. Do the following additional task
a. Go to PeopleTools —>Utilities —>Audit —>Perform Database Level Audit


b. Create a new run control id


c. Select checkbox Create all Triggers


d. Run the process audittriggers6

4. The AE program will create a trgcode1.sql file in $PS_SRVRDIR. You can check the trace file and search for this file name.


5. Run this SQL to recreate the triggers.

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June 7th, 2007

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