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A well informed recorded procedure gets created whenever an employee wishes to change his or her personal information like last name, different departments such as payroll (for his salary check), security (for issue of new access card) etc. Before CRM 9.2, the CRM cases  use to get created manually to ensure all the departments are [...]

PeopleSoft Payables 9.2 delivers Matching Exceptions Analysis to streamline the Invoice-to-Pay process by providing visibility into the invoice matching history for better supplier, buyer, and rules analysis.The matching history data is useful for supplier contract negotiations and minimizes matching errors. The system stores all the exceptions from the previous matching process. The matching history helps [...]

PS9.2 has multiple powerful enhancements.While it’s considered as a sub-release from 9.1, it really has a lot packed into it. One of the most valuable features from security perspective is Chartfield Request and approval.Setid driven field like Chartfields demand a lot of security, so that not every user is able to create/add a new Chartifield value [...]

The General Ledger module in earlier versions of Peoplesoft limited users to record only one date i.e. Trade Date which was used as the journal date. However PeopleSoft 9.2 offers utmost flexibility with the allowance of multiple dates for a single transaction. With PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2, users can easily record Trade Date and Settlement Date. [...]

Managers always crave for getting a single view of their reporting team’s data. Efficient and successful decision making is completely based on this phenomenon.
PS HCM 9.2 has introduced one such functionality called “Manager Dashboard”. It gives a comprehensive edge to Managers who can easily view their direct team’s information dashboard, they can also view necessary [...]

Compensation is one of the most critical and sensitive factors for any employee and the employer. Every organization handles it with utmost care when it comes to defining the same. The entire organization team comprising of its management leaders, compensation administrators and managers jointly collaborate in tandem while the compensation review cycle is triggered. During [...]

Is your organization going through longer lead times for HR service requests which needs desperate attention such as
1. Inconsistent processes across the organization
2. Slow resolution time due to lack of centralized knowledge base
3. Manual processes and the old style spreadsheet approach for call tracking
4. No dedicated SLA and issue tracking mechanism
Are your employee’s dissatisfied with [...]

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change” – Carl Rogers

We have always been complaining about the grading system in our school, colleges and even in universities. We were never been able to satisfy ourselves, why different boards, universities got different grading systems.
Assigning [...]

In PeopleSoft HCM Release 9.2, PeopleSoft provides a new dashboard for Recruiting. This new ‘Recruiting Home Dashboard’ provides a snapshot of the entire organization’s recruiting performance at a single view. ‘Recruiting Home Dashboard’ provides Recruiters, Recruiting managers and Hiring managers the ability to view and perform several recruitment related actions thereby simplifying the need to [...]

Customers have been using various methods of stopping employees from entering time, when payroll is processing. The reason being, last minute changes might create balancing issues in Payroll. Before Payroll is run, Time and Labor data is loaded through the time and Labor load process. The last Time admin run before Paysheets is created is [...]