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With lots of hype in the Data Management world about Data Governance (DG) as a program – the most observed scenario is that DG programs failure even before they begin.  There are many articles in many blogs articulating about DG program failure and I intended to write my experience in these lines.  With the consulting [...]

Tree Manager, Approval Workflow Engine (AWE), HCM Delegation Framework and pagelet wizards are inter woven with a streamlined process to accomplish what Oracle calls PeopleSoft 9.1 Compensation. Interestingly, the interoperability aspects with ePerformance, Core HR and variable compensation adds more value and increased ROI for the organizations which would implement PeopleSoft 9.1 HCM Compensation….For a compensation cycle, the funding overview for salary plans summarizes the total number of head count which would be involved in the appraisal cycle along with the calculated total salaries, calculated amount, calculated percent, qualified headcount, qualified salaries, funded amount, funded percent, proposed amount, proposed percent.

The recession storm seems to have settled down and IT companies are in a hiring spree… features of peoplesoft 9.1 seems to be interesting as it justifies the HR operations with its functionality…..Initial and continous mapping of employees competency, performance and interests with the employer’s goals (position, jobcodes) makes it easier for the organization to plan and sustain its growth in the event of its new project wins. As stated in

2010 seems to mark a new begining in both the IT Services and F1 Racing. Cool,.. we are awaiting the growth in SaaS, SOA,… and some great adrenaline rush as Schumacher returns.. For People who still believe that PeopleSoft is leading the HR Services market, Lets remind them of the advent of Kronos Workforce (Application [...]

Collaboration is the key to success in the present information technology revolution. Microsoft’s SharePoint provides an easy to develop applications using their MOSS 2007 Kit. Many leading organizations are maintaining their HR Data in Oracle-Peoplesoft HCM and SAP. It is vital for an organization to stream line and improve their productivity by using collaborative applications. [...]

Do you feel that the growth of an organization is directly proportional to the content mangement within the organization ? or vice versa? Let’s look into one of the driving force behind a companies growth – It’s the Enterprise Content Management. ’Collaboration’, ‘Goals’, ‘Processes’, ‘Business data analysis’ are the words frequently uttered across; when a company [...]

It was the last quarter of 2007 when we had a discussion on the workforce modelling and intelligence(refer -”workforce modelling and intelligence” post) in our pitstop. Now, the news is – Orgplus enterprise is named as the top HR product of the year 2008.
Yes,.. In a latest news release by pressreleasepoint, the author states that ““OrgPlus [...]

Wow !!! It was Lewis Hamilton in India – On hearing the news I almost thought he was in india for the inauguration of our formula one circuit at Delhi or Hyderabad. But later heard that it was for a commercial deal. Ok Friends, Here I am today trying to explain some of the activities [...]

Please read the Instant Peoplesoft Cloning Refresher Kit before continuing in this post,
Take care to remove the reuse word in the create control file statement and replace it with SET
Once the Control file is created
alter database open resetlogs
If you encounter problems,
login to command prompt,
sqlplus /nolog
connect sys/manager as sysdba
shutdown immediate
select * from psdbowner;