Posted by Nitin Pai
September 18th, 2008

I am trying to add a row in job-data via comp. interface. I am changing the action/action-reason jobcode and compensation.
The app. engine that runs the CI gives warnings and ends successfully. but I dont see any row getting added on the page for that employee.
Can you plase elp me in this.

Thanks for posting your question!

We can check the same scenarios by using Test Component Interface options. This Test Component Interface option is applicable only when we open the Component Interface (CI) in Application Designer. When we click the right button of the mouse in CI view of the Application Designer Project Workspace, This popup menu option is listed.

We can test the Component Interface by entering the search key fields as we enter in the online pages of JOB Component. Also this will execute all the Functionalities as it does in online PIA.

While testing, we should assign the values to Collection Record Fields as we do in App Engine.

Note: Say for example, in AE, if we assign values to CI collection fields in the order
If this testing has successfully stored the data, then AE/CI code should work properly. If not, then we need to look into the code.
Kannappan Krishnan

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