Posted by Nitin Pai
November 3rd, 2008

I am working on quick invoice extract in SCM 8.9.
The condition is I am extracting the values from VCHR_HDR_QV,VCHR_LINE_QV,VCHR_DIST_QV.After this extraction I am running the voucher build process,according to peoplebooks the VCHR_MSCH_QV and VCHR_MSCL_QV(MIscellaneous header and line) tables have to be populated.But only VCHR_MSCH_QV is getting populated and VCHR_MSCL_QV is not getting loaded.So can anyone suggest what to do for this?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for posting your question!

Check out the Trace file from the voucher build process to determine why data is not getting populated in the VCHR_MSCL_QV table. These tables are not populated all the time.


Nitin Pai

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