Posted by Nitin Pai
December 17th, 2008

thanks for replying to the writing rowset buffer to XML.

I have Levl0,Level1 and Level2 records to be populated by this code. it populates but I have an issue with the following code.

Local XmlDoc &inXMLDoc;

Local Rowset &rs_Hdr, &rs_Dtl, &rs_LDtl;

&rs_Hdr = GetLevel0();

&inXMLDoc = CreateXmlDoc(“”);

&ret = &inXMLDoc.CopyRowset(&rs_Hdr);

&str = &inXMLDoc.GenXmlString();

&MYFILE = GetFile(“C:\temp\Test.xml”, “W”, %FilePath_Absolute);



Thanks in Advance,


Thanks for posting your question!

Please provide more details. We need to know what issue you are having with the code. Are you getting any error messages?



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