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April 28th, 2008

Could you please tell me some links to learn Peoplesoft Functional modules (Apart from Peoplebooks). Especially for core HR, Benefits, Payroll and Time and Labour.

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There is no single source available freely on the internet where functional knowledge is shared in-depth. However, you can check out following sites for their user forums.

Yahoo! Groups : Directory : PeopleSoft

I am looking to Hire a Peoplesoft Programmer Analyst in Austin Texas that is strong with both technical and functional aspects…Any ideas where I can find someone? Any interested in the role?

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hi all,iam a frsher working a peoplesoft QA-trainee.I am doing with the project. There is an error poping up, when i save the data at portal.After i enter the data in the page, when i click SAVE then an error pops up “Data being added conflicts with existing data (18,2)”. i have checkout with the KKeys, field length and also the existing data in the record from backend. I have cleared the cache. I have also created the new record,changed the page and registered the component with another menu. But still the error remains the same. please help me out with this.

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Here are some typical scenarios when you receive the above error.

Key field for a particular record exists at both level 0 and level 1

SQLEXEC used to manipulate data in addition to online edits

Application server cache has to be deleted

If you continue to receive the error then please post details from Peoplecode trace to help determine the source of error.

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Mohanraj - March 14th, 2011

Hi All, We are planning for an mobile application in peoplesoft. I just gone through the mobile agent document. In the document mentioned like "Deploying Bootstrap database - For each peoplesoft mobile agent daabase". My question is where these database resides in the application like web server or application server or mobile itself.? and what is the purpose of these database. If anyone had developed mobile application in peoplesoft , please share. Thanks in advance.

Sun - September 18th, 2008

Hi, Subject:Excel to CI Utility. Please tell how we can show the customised error after validating the input for the 1)Signed Number fields and 2)Length of a field in the Excel when the data is submitted to CI. I tried to do using the base component Record Field Peoplecode but it shows delivered error only.

RDXHHH - April 30th, 2008

Dear Experts, We got a complaint from user 029372 that when he logged in to application and navigated to PMS he could view data of user 003467 which should not happen. I see in the logs user 029372 logged in from IP And then 'SwitchUser successful. User Id of session is now 003467' There were couple of complains from other user that they could view data of user 003467. This issue was pertaining to only one location. At the same time i logged in with user 029372 and it seemed to be fine. Later on the user logged out and relogin again with clearing system cache it was fine. How could this be possible ?? This happed to around 3-4 users in that time duration. I went through the appserver logs could find something interesting and would like someone to explain what exactly the logs suggest and how should i rectify the cause of the issue and prevent it not to happen again. I see the user 029372 logged in on IP and then user switched and now 003467@ LOGS PSAPPSRV.27615 (7535) [04/24/08 20:30:17 GetCertificate](3) PeopleSoft Token authentication succeeded: 029372@ PSAPPSRV.27615 (7535) [04/24/08 20:30:17 GetCertificate](3) Returning context. ID=029372, Lang=ENG, UStreamId=203017_ 27615.7535, Token=PSFT_PA/2008-04-25- 029372/ENG AAAAogECAwQAAQAAAAACvAAAAAAAAAAsAAR TaGRyAgBOb QgAOAAuADEAMBQs +ks/HoZwY/vfLl/644wx4zBpCQAAAGIABVNkYXRhVnicHcsxDk BAFIThfxGVuAl Zz8pSKtCJhN4J3NDhjH2TfJliHvC4LC9w6LL3t8JjTPRErGRhZ6 s5OFm5uNXmo IFXRhoZpCU7PbVqURqD9Ckh+QE5ZQrI PSAPPSRV.5396 (6032) [04/24/08 20:31:02 029372@ (IE 6.0; WINXP) HomepageTemplate](3) New authentication token detected from node PSFT_PA/2008-04-24-, attempting to switch from 029372 to 003467 based on the following token: AAAAowECAwQAAQAAAAACvAAAAAAAAAAs AARTaGRyAgBObQg AOAAuADEAMBRIbc64VEMn3R7puaWug1s53HH6lwAAAGMAB VNkYXRh V3icHYtBDkAwFERfEStxE01Vqa0FdiJh7wRu6HCm/ZO8TCbvA6 8pygqDrvg SG5wyEJiINSsHe8vJxcbNo7YEfJZmOjGIPrPXm1WL4qjNZstpT/ 4POEgKxA== PSAPPSRV.5396 (6032) [04/24/08 20:31:02 029372@ (IE 6.0; WINXP) HomepageTemplate](0) Processing SwitchUser command. CtxUser=029372/ENG, SwUser=/-, SwConnInfo=-, SwToken=PSFT_PA/2008-04-24- AAAAowECAwQAAQAAAAACvAAAAAAAAAAsAARTaGRy AgBObQgAOA AuADEAMBRIbc64VEMn3R7puaWug1s53HH6lwAAAGMAB VNkYXRhV3i cHYtBDkAwFERfEStxE01Vqa0FdiJh7wRu6HCm/ZO8TCbv A68pygqDrvg SG5wyEJiINSsHe8vJxcbNo7YEfJZmOjGIPrPXm1WL4qjNZ stpT/4POEgK xA== PSAPPSRV.5396 (6032) [04/24/08 20:31:02 029372@ (IE 6.0; WINXP) HomepageTemplate](3) PeopleSoft Token authentication succeeded: 003467@ PSAPPSRV.5396 (6032) [04/24/08 20:31:02 003467 @ (IE 6.0; WINXP) HomepageTemplate](3) SwitchUser successful. User Id of session is now 003467, Token=AAAApQE CAwQAAQAA AAACvAAAAAAAAAAsAARTaGRyA gBObQgAOAAuADEAMBTVxQYHclRpjID3+aG5GHOsId Ni8AAAAGUAB VNkYXRhWXicHctbDkBADIXhfxBPYicmg8FYgMuTCN6 twA4tzjE9yZc 2bYHHJGmGQZW8vwVOafH0DDkTG0vJzsnMxc3K4Wni UaCSXjbRWm +WTpNV18kxJmjr+AA7HQru PSAPPSRV.5396 (6032) [04/24/08 20:31:02 003467 @ (IE 6.0; WINXP) HomepageTemplate](0) Returning SwitchUser variables. ID=uI47sKsdK9y4jjuwqx0r3LiOO7CrHSvcuI 47sKsdK9y4jjuwqx0r3 LiOO7CrHSvcuI47sKsdK9y4jjuwqx0r3A==, Pswd=+, ConnInfo=-, Lang=-, Token=AAAAowECAwQAAQAAA AACvAAAAAAAAAAsAARTaGRyAg BObQgAOAAuADEAMBRIbc64VEMn3R7puaWug1s53HH 6lwAAAGMABV NkYXRhV3icHYtBDkAwFERfEStxE01Vqa0FdiJh7wRu6H Cm/ZO8TCbvA 68pygqDrvgSG5wyEJiINSsHe8vJxcbNo7YEfJZmOjGIPr PXm1WL4qjNZs tpT/4POEgKxA== PSAPPSRV.5396 (6032) [04/24/08 20:31:02 003467 @ (IE 6.0; WINXP) HomepageTemplate](3) Returning context. ID=003467, Lang=ENG, UStreamId=203102_5396.6032, Token= PSFT_PA/2008-04-24- AAAAowECAwQAAQAAAAACvAAAAAAAAAAsAARTaGR yAgBObQgA OAAuADEAMBRIbc64VEMn3R7puaWug1s53HH6lwAAAG MABVNkYX RhV3icHYtBDkAwFERfEStxE01Vqa0FdiJh7wRu6HCm/Z O8TCbvA68 pygqDrvgSG5wyEJiINSsHe8vJxcbNo7YEfJZmOjGIPrPXm 1WL4qjNZ stpT/4POEgKxA== PSAPPSRV.5396 (6033) [04/24/08 20:31:03 003467@ (IE 6.0; WINXP) HomepageTemplate](3) New authentication token detected from node PSFT_PA/2008-04-25-01. 48.19.999750, no change needed for current session. PSAPPSRV.5396 (6033) [04/24/08 20:31:03 003467 @ (IE 6.0; WINXP) HomepageTemplate](3) Returning context. ID=003467, Lang=ENG, UStreamId=203103_5396.6033, Token= PSFT_PA/2008-04-25- AAAAowECAwQAAQAAAAACvAAAAAAAAAAsAARTaG RyAgBObQgA OAAuADEAMBQLDwxeRlNw1H0BbDhuhTJZKJvqywAAA GMABVNkYX RhV3icHctBDkAwFIThv4iVuAlRStulBXYiYe8EbuhwRt8k X2YxD3hMlhc YdNn7W9EpA44JX7Kws9UcnKxc3Gqzo0+jQCOd7JNWb 61akJYoY 4pn1O4DOcQK7A==

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