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September 1st, 2008

Let us discuss some special scenarios that we might face in Informatica 8.x environments.

A. In Informatica 8.x, multiple integration services can be enabled under one node. In case if there is a need to determine the process associated with an Integration service or Repository service, then it can be done as follows.

If there are multiple Integration Services enabled in a node, there are multiple pmserver processes running on the same machine. In PowerCenter 8.x, it is not possible to differentiate between the processes and correlate it to a particular Integration Service, unlike in 7.x where every pmserver process is associated with a specific pmserver.cfg file. Likewise, if there are multiple Repository Services enabled in a node, there are multiple Read More

Comments (2)

Udita - February 9th, 2010

Hi, I has a small question. We had many nodes under the same domain. Later we thought of removing 2 nodes and hence configured the integration of both the nodes in the existing node D. Now node D has 3 different integration services running on it 1(existing),2(new),3(new). But after we did so, many of the workflows are running successfully but not giving proper output. Can you please advise something on this condition? Thanks in Advance.

uday ranjan danday - October 11th, 2009

Hi Rajamani, Introduction: This is uday and I work for an MNC in Singapore . Doubt : Recently I had an issues and I need to change the Port for a Node in the Domain .I tried to edit the entries in the nodematrix.xml and Domains_Infra.xml but it did not work . Can you tell me how to do that . I hear there is a command .....

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