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June 20th, 2008

Forgot Password feature helps the PeopleSoft users to reset their PeopleSoft password. This helps the Users by reducing the wait time for the Security administrator to change the password in the system. Forgot Password feature will not be enabled by default during PeopleSoft installation. There are certain steps needs to be followed in order to activate the Forgot Password functionality in PeopleSoft.‘Forgot Password’ functionality, the following criteria’s needs to be satisfied.
User should have setup the Secret Question and Answer for the User Id

  1. User should have valid Email Address
  2. The Security needs to be setup for the employee to email the PeopleSoft password.


  1. A new common User Id (with new Role and Permission list) will be created to access the Forgot password page to reset the User password and mail the new password to the User.
  2. The Common User will have access to ‘Forgot Password’ page only.
  3. When any user needs to reset the password by clicking the Forgot Password link, the web server auto login to the PeopleSoft system with the default User.
  4. The User who needs the password to be resetted will be verified with the Secret Question and Answer and reset the Password if the validation is successful.

1. Navigate to ‘Home > PeopleTools > Security > Password Configuration > Forgotten Password Email Text’ and set up the email template which needs to be sent to the User when the password is reset.

Forgot Password

2. Create a list of Secret Questions where User can select their favorite and setup their Secret answers. The secret questions can be setup by navigating through ‘Home > PeopleTools > Security > Password Configuration > Forgotten Password Hint’

3. The User should have security setup for their passwords to be emailed. Hence, In the Permission list which is available for all the users can be setup with ‘Allow Password to be Emailed’ flag to ‘Y.

4. Users should needs to setup their Secret Question and Answer by navigating through ‘Home > My System Profile > Change or set up forgotten password help’
The Users Secret Question and Answer information will be stored at PSUSERATTR table

5. Create a new Permission list and provide full access to the following objects in the Permission list

a. Pages Tab:


Component : EMAIL_PSWD

Pages : All Pages

b. Component Interface Tab:

Component Interface : USERMAINT_SELF

c. Web Libraries Tab:

Web Libraries : WEBLIB_PORTAL and WEBLIB_PT_NAV (Full access to all iScripts)

6. Create a new Role and assign the newly created Permission list to the role
7. Create a new User Id (Will act as Common User to auto login for resetting password) and assign the newly created role to the User. The User Type should be ‘None’. Make sure the new User able to login to the PeopleSoft system with out any issue.

8. Navigate to ‘Home > PeopleTools > Portal > Structure & Content’ and drill down on the ‘Root -> Tools – Hidden -> Forgot my password’ Content reference and check on the ‘No Template’ to ‘Y’ on the ‘General’ tab.
9. Create a new Web profile by navigating through ‘Home > PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration’ to allow Public access and with the newly created Common User Id and Password

10. Create a new Site Id for your PeopleSoft system in the Web server (Contact your PeopleSoft System Administrator to create a new Site Id for the Web server).
11. For the new Site Id, we need to set the parameter to use the newly created Web ProfileId.The parameter can be set when creating a new Site Id setup process, Else after successful creation of Site Id, the Web Profile Id can set up in the Web Server ‘’ file.

12. Open the ‘Signin.html’ in the notepad and add the link for ‘Forgot password?’ The link should point to the ‘MAINTAIN_SECURITY.EMAIL_PSWD.GBL’ component with the newly created site id. (The Web server needs to be bounced to reflect the changes in the login page). For E.g.

http://<Web Server>/psc/<site name>/<Portal Name>/<Node Name>/c/ MAINTAIN_SECURITY.EMAIL_PSWD.GBL

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vasu - September 14th, 2009

Need your assistance on a Production issue we are currently facing. System Info: PeopleTools: 8.17.09 Application release: 8.30.250 Oracle HP-UX 9000/800 In our system we have enabled Forgot password Functionality to receive a new password via email if they have forgotten their existing password . Issue We are successfully able to receive the mail with the system generated password. However when trying to login to Application with the newly generated password its failing with error : Invalid userid/password. Even after resetting password through Forgot password ,no data (OPERPSWD,LASTPSWDCHANGE,LASTUPDDTTM) is getting updated in psoprdefn. Kindly assist on this. Thanks in advance.

Khanh - August 27th, 2009

Excellent document, we are up and running!

Dev - April 2nd, 2009

Hi, Thanks a lot, the article is really helpful. While updating web profile name in the file, what should be the web profile user name and password mentioned as? Or can this be left blank? I am getting errors due to this when I click on the forgot password link.

abby - February 27th, 2009

We are now testing 'FORGOT PASSWORD' Functionality, the problem is when we implement it with the existing Web Profile it conflicts the Email notifications for Absence Transactions. when we tried to click the notification link the page says 'you are unauthorized...' When we tried to untick 'Allow Public Access', the link 'Forgot Password' was still in the Signin Page but upon clicking the link it doesnt work but when we try to log in it directs as to the Forgot Password page. How can we apply forgot password functionality without it conflicting the notification links? please help. this is very urgent. thanks.

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