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February 20th, 2008

The Siebel provided DAC compare and merge strategy is a nice tool that helps us identify differences between a source DAC repository and the target DAC repository. Also helps to figure out which objects are to be moved to the target.

But, there onwards the merge process is manual and a big waste of time. One cheat used by many administrators is to simply copy the repository from the lower environment to the higher environment. This works, but it has one major drawback. The last ETL process id is inherited from the lower environment.

The implication is that the run ids stored in the Run Stats table has no relation to the run number stored in the W_PARAM_G table and it becomes a major challenge to figure out which ETL run did what. Then one has to meddle with the DAC repository tables to get the last ETL process being stored in the DAC repository in sync with the numbers stored in W_PARAM_G. This is a risky proposition especially if one has not understood the relationships between the repository tables and the significance of all the long keys stored by Siebel in the repository to maintain the relationship between the tables.

So, here is a solution which we have tried out (with success) to move a DAC repository from a lower environment to a higher environment without making a hash of the run history.The basic idea here is to move only few selected tables from the source environment to the target instead of doing a complete repository overwrite.

The steps are as below:
Step 1: Take backup (Export) from Target DAC Repository make it separate folder(Just for Backup)
Step 2: Import Schema DAC repository into to Target DAC repository
Step 3: Export below mention Tables from Source DAC Repository. Make a separate folder which should contain below mention tables (20) only.

Sr. No Entity Main Table
1 Database Connections W_ETL_DBCONN
2 Database Indices W_ETL_DB_INDEX
3 Database Tables W_ETL_TABLE_DT
4 Execution Plan W_ETL_DEFN
5 Execution Plan—Database Connections W_ETL_DEFN_DB
6 Execution Plan—Subject Area W_ETL_DEFN_SA
7 Execution Plan—Pre-PostSteps W_ETL_DEFN_STEP
9 Group Table W_ETL_GRP_TBL
10 Index Columns W_ETL_INDEX_COL
11 Indices W_ETL_INDEX
12 Informatica Folder W_ETL_FOLDER
13 Tables W_ETL_TABLE
14 Tasks W_ETL_STEP
15 Task Dependencies W_ETL_STEP_DEP
16 Task Phase W_ETL_PHASE
17 Task Tables W_ETL_STEP_TBL
18 Subject Area W_ETL_SA
19 Subject Area/Group W_ETL_SA_GROUP
20 System Properties W_ETL_SYSPROP

Step 4: Import this tables into Target DAC Repository.
Step 5: After importing we need to make some changes in the Setup tab, Database connection and informatica server setup in Target DAC Repository.
Step 6: Refresh all dates (for full load)
The steps to refresh are: Tools–>ETL Management–> Reset Data Warehouse
Step 7: Before running Full Load truncate below mentioned tables, please take backup before truncating.


  1. S_ETL_RUN from OLTP
  2. W_ETL_RUN_S from OLAP

Any better ideas out there?

Inputs from Raghunatha Yadav & Sanjay Rao

Comments (7)

rupesh - August 26th, 2010

Import New repository into DAC will convered all the metadata and subject area and the parameter can u just explain?

samrat - May 14th, 2010

Hi Sanjay, Was wondering, if we selectively export the DAC repository tables from source schema to the target DAC repository schema, will this be an effective migration of DAC metadata? Thanks in advance, Samrat

Sanjay Rao - February 29th, 2008

Correction, we cannot merge a DAC 7.8 repository with DAC 7.9 repository

Sanjay Rao - February 29th, 2008

Hi Tom, The above solution is intended for merging information from a repository in one environment (say development) with a repository in another environment (maybe system test or production). The solution given works if both the DAC respositories (source and target) are on the same DAC version DAC 7.8.4 and same type i.e. both should be horizontal or deal with same vertical. We are not sure if this merging would work between different versions of Siebel. I personally think, but have not confirmed that it should work if there is a minor version difference. However we have already verified and very certain that we cannot merge a DAC 7.8 repository with DAC 8.0 repository. Sanjay

Tom Scott - February 29th, 2008

Is that the source or the target version ? How does your approach account for the version changes?

Raghunatha yadav - February 26th, 2008

Thanks for valueable comment. The ETL metadata tables do change for all versions. The above method is specific for the version 7.8.4(Horizontal AN 7.8)

Tom Scott - February 26th, 2008

Do the ETL metadata tables not change for all versions? Your method probably works only from a specific version to another specific version. You should mention the source and target versions.

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